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abelag antwerp

Site of abelag spare parts, light aviation maintenance and two abelag aircraft

abelag antwerp

abelag brussels

Home base for 12 abelag aircraft, a state-of-the-art FBO and abelag technics

abelag brussels

abelag france

abelag’s CJ3 is based at Le Bourget

abelag france

abelag kortrijk

Site of abelag technics and nine abelag aircraft

abelag kortrijk

abelag holland

Site of abelag aviation with the brand new Phenom 100 available

abelag holland

It's business travel the way you need it to be
Herve Laitat, CEO abelag group

We take no shortcuts in safety

It starts with the experienced crews and technical engineers that undergo regular and intensive training each year to keep up with the latest standards. You’ll be safe in knowing that you’re being flown by pilots who rank among the finest in the world. It continues aboard our aircraft, which are maintained to the highest standards in the world. In May 2010 we received the ultimate consecration, “the Gold Safety Flight Award” from the European Business Aviation Association, for more than 40 years of safe flight around the world. Only seven operators in Europe hold that distinction, and we’ve worked hard to be one of them.

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February 2, 20142 years ago

Luxaviation acquires Unijet

Luxaviation acquires Unijet and becomes third largest European business aviation group

Brussels- Paris- Luxembourg/ 13 January 2014. The Luxembourgish business aviation group Luxaviation takes a further step forward by acquiring the leading French business aviation operator Unijet through its Belgian subsidiary Abelag. Based at Bourget in Paris, Unijet provides the group with access to the first European business aviation airport.

With the acquisition of Unijet, the new group increases its staff to 350 employees and operates 60 business planes- including one third of long- carriers- spread over Benelux, Germany and France. As both Unijet and Abelag count amongst the longest established business aviation companies in Europe, Luxaviation group relies on more than 100 years of excellence and client know-how.

The respective experience of the group’s operators will allow conducting important projects like the pooling of a large number of operational services (maintenance, technical documents, fuel acquisition, aso.). The increased competitiveness resulting from the combination of these economies of scale with the flexibility of an expanded and diversified fleet, allows the group’s operators to maintain the best tariff level for the benefit of the clients.

Patrick Hansen, CEO of Luxaviation group says: « The integration of Unijet into our group is the confirmation of Luxaviation’s international growth ambitions mainly in Europe but also Asia where developments are currently moving fast».

Hervé Laitat, CEO of Abelag adds: « The European business aviation segment becomes increasingly regulated thus stimulating operators with important fleets. The acquisition deal of Unijet appears meaningful in a market segment which remains highly fragmented as 80% of aviation companies operate less than 4 planes ».

The integration of the French operator into the Luxembourgish group is the result of a natural reconciliation of the activities of four countries with important cultural similarities. Dannys Famin, CEO of Unijet concludes: « We are particularly pleased to be part of a group living a corporate culture which is very close to the one of Unijet. We will continue to offer our clients excellent and optimized services while retaining our local identity which is so specific to the French market’s requests».

In this transaction Luxaviation has been advised by Saphir Capital Partners, a Luxembourgish M&A advisory company.

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Pascale Kauffman

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August 13, 20133 years ago

The new Try&Fly Private Jet Card by Abelag

Abelag is happy to announce that it is re-launching its “try&fly private jet card” campaign. After the success of the last campaign, we decided to once again reward our customers by offering a pack of five hours on light jet at an unexpected fare. Read more